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As of September 28 2012

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Jon suffered an infarct, otherwise known as a stroke, at birth. When Jon was only 3 days old his family was informed that he may never walk, talk, see, hear, or have control of his brain stem muscle. With a great support system, Jon has been able to overcome many of his limitations. Jon is still severely developmentally and speech delayed, but that does not stop him from working hard and usually succeeding. Jon, now a senior in high school, plans to attend college and obtain a degree in horticulture for special needs individuals. Like young men his age, Jon loves music. Jon’s favorite band is KISS, and his dream was to see a KISS concert and meet the band members. Jamie’s Dream Team was able to fulfill Jon’s dream by obtaining front row seats and back stage passes for Jon and his parents at a KISS concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jon was able to meet the band members, and have lots of photos taken with them. Jon had the time of his life!