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As of September 28 2012

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Cynthia  is a wife and a mother of 3 daughters.  Cytnhia was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, and she was in remission for several years.  When Cynthia was 42, however, the breast cancer reoccurred.  Cynthia and her husband had been able to take their 2 older children to Disney World years ago before their youngest daughter, who is now 5, was born. Cynthia’s oldest daughters are now 21 and 15.  Cynthia’s dream was for her whole family to go to Disney World together as she wanted to see her children smile, laugh, have fun and forget about her illness for a while.  Jamie’s Dream Team was able to fulfill Cynthia’s selfless dream.  Cynthia, her husband, and their 3 daughters, were able to spend an entire week together at Disney World having fun together as a family.