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Aimee was diagnosed with Parkes Webber disease at birth, a rare disorder involving blood vessel malformations and overgrowth of a particular limb, which allow blood to flow quickly through the limb and which can ultimately result in heart failure.  As such, Aimee is unable to take part in activities as other 13 year old girls.  Despite her condition, Aimee still has the heart of any teenage girl, she loves to listen to music and have fun.  Her favorite musician is Avril Lavigne.  In 2009, Jamie’s Dream Team dressed Aimee in snazzy clothes resembling Avril, and Aimee’s dream to meet Avril in Hershey, Pennsylvania was fulfilled.  Aimee and Avril talked, laughed and took pictures together.  Aimee’s reaction was ecstatic and she said, “this was the most exciting day of my life”!