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Welcome to Jamie’s Dream Team

Jamie Holmes, Founder of Jamie's Dream Team with Mallory

Jamie’s Dream Team is a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The corporation was organized on November 21, 2005. Jamie’s Dream Team is considered a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service, and it is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Jamie’s Dream Team is managed by a nine (9) member community based Board of Directors.

Mission Statement: Jamie’s Dream Team  mission is to offer hope when there is little, to ease the burden caused by serious illness, injury, disability, trauma, or catastrophic events and to finally celebrate individual differences by acknowledging  dreams as possibilities.

Purpose: The purpose of Jamie’s Dream Team is to provide assistance and/or make distributions to or on behalf of qualifying individuals who are handicapped, disabled, terminally ill, severely injured or suffering from a serious medical condition, disease, or trauma.

Here is the “Dream Application”

Here is the “Volunteer Application”

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Join Us. Be Bold. Share Your Story. Show Off Your Battle Wounds. #bearyourbattlewounds #JamiesDreamTeam

Jamie was born with a rare disorder known as V.A.T.E.R Syndrome. She has endured over 45 surgeries and procedures and numerous hospitalizations since she was born, leaving her with “battle wounds” . Today, Jamie is ready to show off her battle wounds and prove to the world how much she has overcome. A big thank you to Brittany Richter and Amanda Kelley at Michelle’s Bella Boutique & Day Spa and Jerry Costanzo from Reflection’s Studio.

Join us. Be Bold. Share Your Story. Show off your battle wounds
#bareyourbattlewounds #JamiesDreamTeam

The mission of Jamie’s Dream Team is to offer hope when there is little, to ease the burden caused by serious illness, injury, disability, trauma, or catastrophic events and to finally celebrate individual differences by acknowledging dreams as possibilities. This summer, Jamie’s Dream Team wants you to show off your battle wounds, share your story and most importantly, celebrate you!

Leah goes to Zoo and Hempfield Area High School Band Banquet

Fashion Show – Beyond Belief – May 17 2015

Jamie’s Dream Team’s third annual fashion show lets girl shine – (Video) – WPXI-TV – Pittsburgh, PA – May 17, 2005

Fashion show to help charity make more dreams come true – McKeesport Daily News – McKeesport, PA – May 13, 2015

Call 412-377-3898 for Tickets

For more information

15 Pittsburghers Making and Impact in 2015

15 Pittsburghers Making and Impact in 2015 – Pitt Newscastic – Pittsburgh, PA – May 11, 2015

Alex got tickets to go Nitro Circus.

Today (May 11) Alex pick up tickets to go to Nitro Circus .  Alex has been recovering form a severe accident, and we wish her well on her recovery.  We would like to Thank  Brent Weiner from CBS Radio for assisting us in making her dream come true.

To view more pictures go to:

Emily Gets A Dog!!!

We would like to say thank you, to Wendy Hallenbeck with Thistle Ridge Diabetic Alert Dogs, Tara Hansen and Family, and Tracy Patton with Interquest Detention Canines. for assisting us in making Emily’s dream come true.

For more information:

Landyn’s got an iPad

Landyn’s got an iPad, it was given to her by Tina (Brielle’s Mom).

She was able to make Landyn’s dream come true,  so that she can complete her school work and keep busy during numerous Hospital stays and doctor appointments!!!

More information about Landyn go to

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!!


I’ve recently had the privilege of meeting a wonderful woman and her family. Her name is Antoinette, and although she is struggling daily with a devastating condition called Mitochondrian Disease that zaps her energy, she works full time with wayward teenagers and spends what energy she has taking care of 3 children who are even sicker than she is. All three of her children have the same genetic disorder, which is degenerative, progressive, and terminal. The family’s idea of “normal” includes doctor’s visits, tube feedings, therapies, and medications. For many years, Antoinette has done all of this as a single mother, but she is currently engaged to a loving and devoted man named Mark who is a cancer survivor himself. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to afford a wedding and make them “officially” a family, as medical expenses are overwhelming. As their disease progresses, their quality of life decreases which is why it is so important to make this family complete, given this mom the support and love she deserves, and give the 3 children the blessing of a loving and caring full-time Father Figure immediately. All Wedding Vendors , and donations are needed to make their dream come true on June 12 or June 13th 2015 in Pittsburgh Area. Lets make her Mothers Day Special!!

If you are interested in helping please contact me at 412-979-0470 or Kim at 412-377-3898

Donations can be made at

Thank You
Jamie Holmes

For more information go to:

Golf for Dreams – Sat Aug 15 2015

Flyer for Golfers: Golfers Form
Flyer for Golf Sponsors: Golf Sponsor Form

More information go to:

Thank you for your helping the Coles!!

Thank you for your helping the Coles!!

We are currently working on a dream for a family who have dedicated their lives to public service. Jackie, was a firefighter in Homestad, PA and her Husband Glenn, is currently a firefighter in Munhall. For 22 year he served as a dispatcher until they close their department. Their involvement in their community has made them the strong couple that they are today.

In the past week, Jackie was diagnosed with inoperable esophagus, liver, and stomach cancer. This has become a devastating shock to her being that she has 2 daughters ages 6 and 20.

Before she starts very invasive treatment to try to put this cancer at the wayside and get it under control we would like fulfill her dream of sending her family to Disney world at the beginning of April so that she is able to create memories with her family that they will cherish forever. Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Family of those who are involved in serving your community please help us make their dream come true by share this post and or visit our website to make a $5.00 donation !!!…

Thank You

Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh – Oct 15 2015

We are excited to announce out partnership with Luanne O’Brien of Integral Ballroom Dance Studio. Together we will present Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh!!!! On the evening of October 15th to celebrate our 10th year anniversary at the LeMont Restaurant in Pittsburgh Pa. Dinner and Show Tickets are $80.00 a person or $750.00 for a table of 10.
Celebrity dancers will be announced next week !!!

To view more information go to

Gun Bash – Apr 26 2015

Jamie’s Dream Team Gun & Cash Bash

Sunday April 26 2015 at the Palisades,
501 Water St, McKeesport, PA
$ 20.00 Donation per ticket
For more information please call 412-377-3898

Spring Bash and Gun Bash

SPRING BASH is going to be on May 9, 2015 at the Boston Spectrum!! Ticket price is $20.00
Tickets will be printed this week!!!

We will are also hosting a GUN BASH at the McKeesport Palisade on April 26, 2015 tickets will be $20.00.

More details will follow or call 412-377-3898


Blog Post #11 - DECISION MADE

The next morning I woke up and knew I had to make some life changing decisions regarding my health.  Barely able to breath, and with tears in my eyes, I contacted the nutritionist office to get an appointment…..

To view more: DECISION MADE

Jamie’s Blog:

Immediate Assistance !!! Please Share!!

Immediate Assistance !!! Please Share!!

After A tragic motorcycle accident that has left her with a traumatic brain injury, hospitalized for 95 days and a rough divorce from her husband Lyssa of Derry Township Pennsylvania is ready to make her dream come true and find happiness again. Her family has called upon Jamie’s Dream to assist her in doing so. She is currently in the process if purchasing a house that is in need of some repairs along with some TLC and appliance so that she is able to call it her home. Lets give Lyssa her Dream Home and help her start over again. We are in need of the following items.

Below is the list in priority order of the things that must be done before Lysa can be moved into this home. We listed everything in case you have relationships with folks who may be able to help with such services. Anyway, the first priority will be to get the heating and plumbing taken care of.

1. Heating and Plumbing (first priority)

  • a. The home has hot water baseboard heat. The hot water tank and gas boiler are there but we need to confirm they are working.
  • b. First, copper pipe will need replaced for the hot water tank, gas boiler, washer and laundry sink as it was stolen from the home.
  • c. A sink and toilet need to be purchased and installed in the upstairs bedroom and the plumbing is already there.
  • d. A wood burning stove needs to be purchased and installed for auxiliary heat in the living room. It was removed but the chimney is there.

2. Appliances needed

  • a. Refrigerator/ Freezer
  • b. Stove/ Microwave ( Purchased)
  • c. Dishwasher
  • d. Washer & Dryer
  • e. Vacuum

3. Other repairs or services needed

  • a. Roof inspection/ Roofing
  • b. Bedroom carpet & kitchen flooring
  • c. Carpet cleaning & wall painting
  • d. Gravel for driveway

Also some finishing touches decorations and ext.

All Items have to be Brand New due to sanitizing purposes.

Love Jamie

As we get items I will cross them off !


Jamie’s Blog #10 – The Aftermath (Part 1)

On my way home, my emotions were running on overload!  I was yelling, I was screaming, I was miserable, upset, confused and distraught over this whole episode.  Why was this happening to me?  I left my mother in tears…..

To view more: The Aftermath (Part 1)

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Honoring 3 Prestigious People of Pittsburgh

We are honoring the 3 Prestigious People in Pittsburgh!!!

Nominate that person who you feel really makes a difference in someones life. This person can be your neighbor, friend, family member , doctor, nurse, teacher or even your bus driver. A board of directors will choose 3 people to be honored at our 10th year anniversary Gala Held at the LeMont on October 15th 2015. There they will dine and with a surprise show (TBA) along with receive the Jamie’s Heart of Gold Award.

Application is due by May 1 2015:Jamie’s 3 Hearts of Gold – Application

To view more go to:



Friday morning came and my mom (Kim)  Cindy (whom I consider my Fairy God Mother) and her husband AL were all ready to head to the hospital for my first chemo treatment.  We were ready for this!  As unsure as we all were, we we’re going to do this……


Jamie’s Blog:


Jamie’s Blog #8 – SURGERY OR CHEMO

Almost at the end and in remission of this blood disorder that made me a tired ,miserable, and the medicine made me awful to be around and a gain weight because I was always hungry…….

To view more go to: SURGERY OR CHEMO

Jamie’s Blog –


Jamie’s Blog #7 – ALL OF THE OPTIONS

Well not only do I feel heavy, miserable, and have trouble breathing, I’m in alot of pain.  Of course this is due to the fact I’m on high doses of prednisone.  The doctors cant lower the dosage until i can get my blood counts into double digits and in order to do that i have to take chemo…..

To view more:  ALL OF THE OPTIONS

Jamie’s Blog: